Sway Strut

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Part #800/801
Sway Strut


Sway Strut                                        sway strut drawing

Finish: Black, Galvanized, or coated to customer specifications
Applications: Used to restrain movement of piping while allowing for movement in the other two directions.

  • Effective under either tensile or compressive force
  • Self-aligning bushings permit a plus or minus 5-degree misalignment or angular motion. Bushings are coated with dry lubricant. 

Ordering: Specify assembly size, part number, name, option number, normal pipe or special O.D. and “W” dimensions. Alloy pipe clamps are available as a special order. The rear bracket assembly may be ordered separately. For restraint parallel to the pipe axis using two sway strut assemblies, a riser clamp is available. If a riser clamp is required, contact us for assistance and information about this clamp.

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