Spring Cushion Hanger

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Part #550
Spring Cushion Hanger

       spring cushion hanger                                             spring cushion hanger drawing

Material: Spring cushion hanger is composed of a set of two springs and four cast iron retainers.
Finish: Black, Galvanized, or coated to customer specifications
Applications: Usually used in installations where formal load and movement calculations are not required.
Approvals: Complies with Manufacturers Standardization Society SP-69 (Type 49)
How to Size: If roll is to support bare pipe, select the size directly from nominal pipe size. If used with a pipe covering select O.D. of protection saddle.
Ordering: Specify part number, name, and finish. The retainers’ center hole can be drilled or reamed larger in order to adjust to the rod size of the pipe roll.

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