Pipe Slide Assembly

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Part #630
Pipe Slide Assembly

pipe slide assembly drawing             pipe slide assembly drawing

Size Range: Any size pipe within reasonable loads.
Max Temperature: 750°F
Temperature Range at PTFE: -20°F TO 400°F
Material: Rib can be carbon steel, stainless steel, or alloy depending on requirements, PTFE bonded slide plates with carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel base.
Finish: Black, Galvanized, or Coated to customer specifications.
Applications: For the support of piping where horizontal movement resulting from expansion and contraction takes place and where a low coefficient of friction is necessary.
Approvals: Complies with Manufacturers Standardization Society SP-58 and SP-69
Ordering: Specify part number, finish and any other options such as clamps, end plates, different lengths, etc.

· No lubrication required.
· Allows up to 3”-4” inches of insulation.
· Allows up to 10” inches of travel.
· Weld in place design.

· Increased travels
· Increased “H” or “T” section heights
· Clamps
· Base plates with mounting holes

ASSEMBLIES: The pipe slide assemblies can be ordered with any of the shown ribs, structural tee or fabricated tee. Also, these can be ordered in any combination of options 1-3.

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