CryoWrap Pipe Supports


Our cryogenic supports (CryoWraps) are manufactured to match the diameters of the Aspen Aerogels® Cryogel® Z insulation material.  This allows the system to be designed with the piping nested closer together and for seamless transitions from the support to the line insulation.  The Cryogel® Z insulation is hydrophobic, preventing any moisture from penetrating the insulation.  The vapor stops incorporated into the support's design at each end also restrict moisture intrusion.

Similar to the PyroWrap design, this system allows for the “modularization” of the pipe and the option to pre-install all components off-site, or at a safe location on-site.  When pre-installed off-site the complete system can them be transported without damage to any components to the jetty or pipeline location.  This has proven to be an extremely cost-effective method of construction and facilitates the coordination of the construction schedule.

CryoWrap pipe supports can be fabricated to cover almost all load displacement configurations.

The graphic below indicates a diameter comparison of Cryrogel Z insulation compared to several other materials. All four designs meet the same condensation control criteria.

CryoWrap Anchor Patents:
US Patent: 9,068,685 B2
Japanese Patent: 6073891
European Patent: EP 2748501 B1

Cryogel Z Insulation Diameter Comparison

Support Function

CryoWrap pipe supports function as either a resting, guided, or anchor support.

CSCW-8x30-4-12-5100 Resting
CGCW-8x30-4-12-4335-1520 Guide
CACW-8x30-4-12-4335-1520-1860 Anchor

Cryogel® Z Insulation Temperature, Thickness, & Pipe Size Range


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Rilco CryoWrap pipe supports are applicable for cryogenic environments with temperatures as low as -425 degrees F. The Cryogel® Z insulation material is used widely in the oil and gas processing industry, such as LNG, LPG, and ethylene. This insulation has the lowest k-value of any cryogenic insulation alternatives.

CyroWrap Chart

Insulation Thickness Range: 0.2in – 7in (5mm – 180mm)

Pipe Size Range: 0.5 in — 42 in