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Sleeved Design Calcium Silicate Pipe Support

Sleeve Design:
The Rilco sleeve design is the modern approach to supporting piping which will soon become standard that all other pre-insulated supports are judged by. The sleeve design is referred to as such due to the unique use of steel tubes (sleeves) attached to both the upper and lower support components. The use of the Belleville washers included with the fasteners are the key to the effectiveness of the support design and require the “float” of the fastener within the upper sleeve to manage the expansion and/or contraction while maintaining proper clamping force on the pipe to prevent displacement between the process pipe and the pipe support. Rilco has performed manual calculations, FEA and thermal analysis, and physical testing on these style supports to have the confidence to say that Rilco can design supports that meet your loading, movement and heat loss requirements.

This Rilco standard design includes steel sleeves and Belleville washers. The washers, included in this sleeve design, are engineered to maintain a constant clamping force throughout the pipeline temperature range to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the process pipe.

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Bent Ear Design Calcium Silicate Pipe Support

Bent Ear Design:
The Rilco traditional design of bent ear which is the standard which is currently the accepted standard for the pre-insulated pipe support. This design relies on the elasticity of the formed ear section of the cradle to maintain the clamping force throughout the pipeline temperature range.

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