Pipe Supports, Variable Spring & Constant Hangers

Hot Supports

PyroWrap Pipe Support

PyroWrap Pipe Supports

The PyroWrap pipe supports systems are manufactured to match the diameters of Aspen Aerogels® Pyrogel® XT-E. These supports are ideal for pipelines transporting substances such as oil, molten sulfur, steam, and more. Contact us today for more information.

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Traditional Calcium Silicate High Temp Pipe Support

Calcium Silicate/Chilled Water Pipe Supports

Rilco engineers and produces the traditional Calcium Silicate pre-insulated pipe supports. These supports can be stepped both radially and longitudinally to tie in with the same layering thickness as the line insulation to prevent straight heat path to the pipe.

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Foamglas® Pipe Support

Pipe Supports - FOAMGLAS®, Perlite, Mineral Wool

Rilco produces pre-insulated pipe supports using various insulation types including FOAMGLAS®, Perlite, and Mineral Wool. 

FOAMGLAS® insulation is a unique solution that provides the following benefits:

  • 100% moisture impermeable insulation
  • Non-combustible
  • Non-absorbent
  • Corrosion resistant

It's an ideal choice for the following applications:

  • Cryogenic Systems
  • Chemical processing systems
  • Above and underground chilled water piping
  • Low/Med/High temperature pipe & equipment

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Cold Supports

Traditional Polyurethane Pipe Supports

Polyurethane pipe supports offer protection from corrosion and a reduction of energy costs.

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CryoWrap Pipe Support

CryoWrap Pipe Supports

These cryogenic supports are manufactured to match the diameters of the Aspen Aerogels® Cryogel® Z insulation material. This quality enables the system to be designed with the piping nested closer together and allows for easy/seamless transitions from the support to the line insulation.

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FOAMGLAS® Pipe Support

FOAMGLAS® Pipe Supports

FOAMGLAS® Pipe Supports are an alternative insulation material that can be used in Rilco’s pre-insulated pipe support designs.

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Permali Isolation Block

Isolation Blocks & Additional Components

Rilco isolation blocks provide a thermal break. We offer various materials such as Micarta and Polyurethane.

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Low cost pre-insulated pipe supports used for low temperature pipe lines. 

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Other Products

Rilco Cam Roller Constant

Rilco Cam Roller Constants

Through years of research and development, Rilco has developed the Rilco Cam Roller Constant. The design of the Rilco Cam Roller constant or “RCR” compensates for the vertical movement of a piping system at a performance level previously unattainable through the use of a standard horizontal or vertical type constant spring support.

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F-Type Variable Spring Pipe Support

Variable Spring Supports & Hangers

Variable springs are designed to protect piping systems during pipe movement or displacement.

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Structural Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

Rilco Manufacturing's expansive steel fabrication shop allows for the production of an enormous variety of standard and customized products. These products include instrument stands, uninsulated pipe shoes, embeds, structural supports, and more. Call today for more details.

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Forged Steel Clevises

Hardware and Piping Components

Rilco provides all types of hardware for any type of piping system and is made to all standards.

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Constant Spring Hanger by Rilco Manufacturing

Constant Spring Supports and Hangers

Constant springs are used to support piping that are subject to movements and/or loading conditions that cause too great a variability or too high of a loading condition for a variable spring. The geometric design of our constant supports provides a mathematically constant amount of forces exerted throughout the entire range of travel.

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Hydraulic Snubber


A snubber is a device that is intended to suppress or “snub” excess force or rapid movement in mechanical systems. Snubbers are designed to protect components from excess shock caused by seismic disturbances or other irregular forces.

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Sway Brace by Rilco Manufacturing

Vibration Control & Sway Braces

Sway bracing is used for controlling vibration, absorbing shock, leading, guiding, or restraining any movement caused by thermal expansion and bracing the pipeline against sway.

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Floating Rings

Utilized to support extremely high vertical or axial loads while simultaneously restraining surge loading on high temperature pipelines

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