February 2020

Rilco Performs extensive research and experiments on every product before it is used in the supports and supplied to our customers. Every product has to go through certain tests to ensure the products meet Rilco's quality standards. Thermal Efficiency tests of insulations are also performed as a part of quality assurance. To provide our customer's with the best products, Rilco has performed Thermal Efficiency Comparison Tests between two similar types of line insulation and pipe support insulation.

Two pipe line insulations were tested against each other in the exact same manner and conditions to eliminate any discrepancies that could affect heat loss or the test results. Each test was performed with two different pipe line insulatons. Three heating elements were connected to a 480 Voltage AC power supply, insulation was then installed on the pipe. The pipe was then heated to 650oF. An Acuvim II Series Power Meter was used to measure the energy used to maintain the temperature. To monitor the pipe temperature and the outer temperature of the insulation six thermocouples were used in different locations. The same procedures were followed in each test and the energy consumption was monitored.

Temperature of six thermocouples.