March 2019

RCR Constants with Hot Shoes Ready to Ship

We recently provided several Rilco Cam Roller (RCR) constant spring support assemblies to a local propane plant. Besides the spring hanger, the assembly included a hanger rod, forged weldless eye nut, and an insulated pipe support with a heavy duty 2-bolt clamp. The high temperature insulated pipe supports included calcium silicate insulation material with high density structural inserts, to help support the pipeline load, and hot dipped galvanized carbon steel outer cradles.
Constant Spring Support with High Temp Pre-Insulated Shoe
These RCR single unit constants are Type E constants that will be installed with field fabricated support beams. These particular constants require auxiliary brackets on either side of the RCR assembly for support. This arrangement is most often used when little or no space exists below the support structure.
RCR Constants Ready to be Shipped
This type of constant has no top mount connection, but instead relies on the side brackets for support and transfer of force to the support structure.