January 2019

Reactor Outlet Pipe Stands for a Local Chemical Plant

We recently fabricated reactor outlet pipe stands for a local chemical plant. The stands were a custom fabricated design provided by our client to be utilized as a maintenance tool in their facility.

The carbon steel pipe stands incorporated four hydraulic jacks. When the unit is rolled into place, it would function to elevate the pipe section and valves, remove the section, allow them to perform the necessary maintenance, then roll the piece back out to service in the field.

Custom Structural Fab

The fabricated pipe stands measure 54"H x 62"W x 56"L and support valves or piping sections up to 48" in diameter.

We have experience fabricating a wealth of custom designs from fabricated steel, to unique pipe supports solutions and vibration control devices.

Do you see a need for a custom fabricated design for your upcoming project?