November 2018

Constant Springs for a Local Propane Dehydrogenation Plant

We recently manufactured a wide variety of spring supports for a local propane dehydrogenation plant including these C-Type Figure 81H horizontal constant spring hangers shown below. These spring supports are designed for a 900 lb. load and 11.4" of total travel. These particular supports accommodate for 9.5" of downward movement of the piping system at their specific location in the plant.

C-Type Custom Constant Spring Hangers

These C-Type constants are manufactured using two (2) lugs to accommodate attachment to the building structure and allowing for the use of various types of attachments. They will be shipped with 5/8" diameter hanger rods which will be attached to vessel lugs using lock nuts in the field. On this job, the customer sent a 3D structural/plant layout and Rilco was able to structurally place the constant to avoid existing structure contact. Custom designed lugs with modified lengths were incorporated into the design to accommodate interference from the surrounding structures.

Several C-Type Constant Springs Ready to be Shipped

Do you see a need for constant spring supports for your upcoming project?