October 2018

Pipe Roll Stands for a Water System in Illinois

We recently manufactured several carbon steel pipe roll stands. They are designed to support a 24" pipe for a maximum recommended load of 6100 lbs. The base plate measures 13 1/2" long by 10" wide. The complete assembly measures 4 3/8" high from the bottom of the base plate to the centerline of the bolt. The pipe rolls include a hot dipped galvanized finish and will be used to support pipes in a water system in Illinois.

Pipe Roll Stands

These pipe roll stands are utilized to accommodate movement of the piping system due to thermal expansion and contraction of the line.

Pipe Roll stand

Our rollers can be used in a variety of applications such as pipe hangers, roller chairs and more. (see graphics below) They are required for all different types of jobs such as inside of buildings, bridge crossings, refineries and more.

Various Types of Pipe Rollers