September 2018

We recently manufactured these PyroWrap pipe supports in a wide range of sizes. The supports are fabricated from carbon steel and Pyrogel® insulation material. They include Belleville washers to maintain clamping forces during thermal pipe expansion or contraction. These pre-insulated pipe supports range in size from 1/2" diameter to 144" diameter.

Small Diameter Pyrogel Pipe Supports

The photo below shows a large 60" diameter PyroWrap pipe guide. It includes special powder coated springs, to ensure consistent clamping force at all temperatures, and stainless steel slide plates on the bases. Additionally, the guides include custom ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) slide plates. The guides are meant to restrain movement laterally and allow for axial movement of the support. Due to the size of the pipe guides, Belleville washers (as used on the supports above) would not have been feasible for this application. These 60" pipe guides are designed for very large loads and have uplift restraints incorporated into the design to eliminate the possibility of overturning.

There are various benefits to using pre-insulated pipe supports. The Pyrogel® insulation, in this case, is layered to the matching thickness of the adjoining process line insulation to ensure a proper field fit and provide seamless transitions from the support to the line. The use of Pyrogel® insulation minimizes the chances for corrosion under insulation (CUI).

60" Diameter PyroWrap Pipe Guide with Pyrogel Insulation

Pre-insulated supports also eliminate temperature fluctuation at the support point of process fluid lines. Ultimately, they save money through energy savings by reducing overall heat losses as well as eliminating labor in the field such as welding to the pipe and expensive and cumbersome post weld heat treatment processes. These units are shipped completely assembled and ready to be quickly installed in the field. Do you see a need for pre-insulated PyroWrap pipe supports for your upcoming project?