August 2018

Fabricated Pipe Rack for Computer Manufacturing Facility

We recently shipped out this pipe rack for a computer manufacturing facility on the West Coast of the United States. The pipe rack will be utilized to support the pipe lines throughout the plant. It is manufactured entirely from carbon steel and measures 11'-9" in width, 6'-10" in depth and 14'-10" in height. The assembly, shown below, weighs approximately 14,000 lbs.

Carbon Steel Pipe Rack

The photo below shows the pipe rack assembly being prepared for shipping. The complete fabricated carbon steel support was hot dipped galvanized and reassembled prior to shipping. Rilco has years of experience providing custom fabricated steel designs from our customers' drawings. Be it large or small, Rilco is also up for the challenge of designing and providing a unique solution for a wide variety of applications that you may have.

Galvanized Pipe Rack Being Shipped to the Customer

Do you see a need for steel fabrication for your upcoming project?