July 2018

Rilco recently manufactured these big ton spring supports for a local refinery. These springs will be used in sets of four to support a large vertical vessel. The springs accommodate for the movement of the vessel due to thermal contraction and expansion. The big ton springs include 1'-8" square Teflon® slide plates, bonded to the carbon steel plate, to allow for movement on the surface of the support. They also include powder coated spring coils and galvanized spring casings.

Big Ton Springs with PTFE Slide plates

Fabricated primarily from carbon steel, the big ton springs measure 2'-6" wide and 3'-2" in height. The hot load (operating load) for the springs is 210,000 lb. and the cold load is 240,000 with .33 inches of upward movement. Our manufacturing facility has in-house spring setting capabilities up to 400,000 lbs.

Big Ton Springs Being Prepared for Shipping

Do you see a need for big ton springs for your upcoming project?