April 2018

Triple Upthrust Cam Roller Constants

Rilco manufactured these triple upthrust cam roller constants for a refinery expansion project in Louisiana. They were provided along with sway struts, variable springs, and pipe support hardware. The RCR constants were designed for an operating load of 52,115 lbs. and for 1/32" of downward travel. The constants were based upon a competitor design, and Rilco provided a direct equivalent to the customer with matching loads, travel ranges and dimensions.

Rilco Upthrust Three Spring Constants

Slide plates were custom installed on top of the load plate to allow for movement of the pipe during expansion and contraction. The cam roller constants shown below were custom designed for a furnace application in Europe. Every assembly was laid out for QC to make sure it assembled and functioned properly. The corresponding hardware, visible in the photo, was manufactured for supporting the pigtails off the furnace tubes.

Rilco Cam Roller Constants and Pipe Support Hardware

Some of the benefits of our RCR constant components are that we use stainless steel pins, galvanized cases, custom power coated components, and special coatings to reduce friction and wear. Do you see a need for Rilco Cam Roller Constants for your upcoming project?