March 2018

Cal-Sil Supports for High Temp Application

We recently manufactured several hundred high temperature calcium silicate supports for a low humidity environment. These pre-insulated pipe support guides incorporate proprietary slide plate configurations on the shoe and on the supporting steel to accommodate axial travel. The pipe supports are designed for applications up to 1200 deg F.

Calcium Silicate Pipe Supports Ready for Shipping

These pre-insulated pipe supports are manufactured from A516-70N carbon steel and feature calcium silicate insulation with structural inserts. The calcium silicate insulation material is specially designed to be moisture repellent. They range in size from 4" to 48" in diameter and range in length from 12" to 52" long on this particular project.

3D pipe support installed on pipeline

The 3D model shown above, of the calcium silicate support installed on the pipe, includes belleville washers as utilized in our featured pipe support design. The belleville washers are engineered to maintain a constant clamping force throughout the pipeline temperature range to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the process pipe.

Do you see a need for Calcium Silicate Pipe Supports for your upcoming project?