January 2018

Cryogel Pipe Supports for LNG Expansion

Rilco recently manufactured over 750 CryoWrap pipe supports for an LNG expansion project overseas. The supports are designed for a low temperature application and fabricated from carbon steel bases and cradles, Cryogel® Z insulation material, and stainless steel metal jacketing. The insulation material incorporates strategically placed rigidizing agents which enable the Cryogel to properly, repeatedly support the load. Without the rigidizing agents, a Cryogel only support does not possess load carrying capabilities.

Cryogel pipe supports

The stainless jacketing is painted to provide additional protection against the harsh environment. The carbon steel is galvanized and is also finished with a two-coat paint system. The pre-insulated pipe shoe also includes a stainless steel slide plate, to be affixed to the bottom of the base, that allows the support to move along the supporting steel.

Cryogel Pipe Supports

The CryoWrap pipe supports range in size from 1" to 14" in diameter and are fabricated with belleville washers. The belleville washers are engineered to maintain a constant clamping force throughout the pipeline temperature range. Cryogel® Z insulation has a 2 to 3 times lower k-value than cellular glass or polyurethane foam insulation. It is very durable, fire and water resistant, and helps to prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI), making it an ideal choice for an LNG application.