November 2017

Custom Angled Pipe Supports

We recently manufactured custom structural steel for an LNG project in Louisiana. They measure in size 48" x 30" x 40". They are manufactured from carbon steel material and designed to function as guide type supports.

Fabricated Steel

The base of the supports is comprised of a flange with gussets that will allow the support to be bolted to the exterior of a vertical vessel within the plant. The pipe supports will be utilized to guide vertical pipe runs. We are able to provide steel fabrication for a wide variety of applications and from a wealth of different materials. Apart from our standard angles, channels and w beams, we have extensive experience providing structural steel per our customer drawings and needs.

Fabricated Steel Custom Designed

See the configurations below that indicate how the above structural steel will be installed horizontally in the plant with the support designed to be tilted at a 15.5 degree angle.

Drawing of Fabricated Steel

Fabricated Steel Drawing