October 2017

Type B Constants for a Refinery in Mississippi

We recently manufactured 12 horizontal constant assemblies for a refinery in Mississippi. The B-Type model 81-H constant spring supports are fabricated from carbon steel and are part of a complete assembly that includes pipe support hardware, a hydraulic snubber and a double bolt pipe clamp. The assemblies will be utilized to support silencers in a coker unit.

Horizontal Constants for a Refinery In Mississippi

The constants shown above are designed for a 988 lb. load and 8" upward movement. They are custom painted to withstand the costal environment where they will be installed in the refinery. The hydraulic snubbers shown below will be used to help control the movement of the silencers. They are designed for a 10" stroke and a 2500 lb. load. The longest of the snubbers is 100" long. They include a custom protective boot accessory to keep the coke dust off of the snubber piston rod.

Hydraulic Snubbers with Protective Boot Accessory

The constants were all load tested for quality control prior to shipping. They were shipped with the accompanying rod hanger, forged turnbuckle, weldless eye nut, and double bolt pipe clamp. The constants include carbon steel pipe clamps that will support 3" and 18" diameter pipes.

Horizontal Constant Spring Assemblies