September 2017

Custom Designed Hold Down Pipe Clamps

We recently manufactured several fabricated pipe supports for a local petroleum refinery, including these hold down pipe clamps. The pipe clamps are fabricated from carbon steel with a Teflon® sheet bonded to the inside of the hold down strap. There is also a Teflon® slide plate bonded to the top of the carbon steel base plate and a fiberglass pad affixed to the bottom of the base plate. The combination of the slide plates and steel support the pipe while allowing it to move freely along the supporting base plate and structural steel due to the mechanics of the piping system or events such as thermal expansion.

Hold Down Pipe Clamps

These hold down pipe clamps were designed for pipe sizes 1 1/2" to 6" and the slide plates are designed to handle temperatures from -320 degrees F to 500 degrees F. The components were custom painted per the customer's specifications. See the drawing below that shows the different types of base plates required for a variety of pipe size configurations. We can also custom design a hold down pipe clamp for your specific application.

Hold Down Pipe Clamp Drawing with Base Plate Styles