August 2017

Triple Variable Springs for Canadian Crude Oil Facility

We recently manufactured over 100 variable springs and constants for a crude oil storage terminal facility in Canada. The particular variable springs shown below are size 18 Type D triple variable springs. They are designed for 4" of downward movement, a hot load of 13,581 lbs and a cold load of 10,870 lbs. The variable spring cans are fabricated from carbon steel and include a hot dipped galvanized finish. The spring coils are powder coated to prevent corrosion in the field.

Shipping Variable Spring Supports

The variable springs will be shipped with 2 1/2" diameter hanger rods, hardware and a normalized low temperature carbon steel pipe clamp for the -45 deg C cold service temperature. Type E variable springs are designed for use where the variable spring is positioned above the supporting structure, but the spring adjustment must be made from below the structure on which the case is supported. In this case, the variable spring assembly will be supporting a 36" diameter pipe.

These variable springs include a custom bolting plate at the bottom of the spring to eliminate field welding. They also include adjustable travel stops, a custom feature that we offer to easily be able to adjust and install the variable spring loads in the field.

Triple D Variable Springs