July 2017

Custom Pyrogel Supports for High Temp Pipeline

We recently manufactured two different styles of pre-insulated pipe supports with Pyrogel-XTE insulation to be installed on high temperature culvert pipelines. The culvert measures 42" and the process pipe measures 24". Both styles are fabricated from carbon steel. The roller type shown below includes a three coat paint system to withstand a more humid environment.

Pyrogel pipe support with rollers

These particular pipe supports, shown above and below, are designed to support loads ranging from 17,000 lbs up to 30,000 lbs and measure 18" long.

Several Pyrogel Pipe Supports with Rollers

Both of these pre-insulated pipe support designs will be installed within a culvert, as shown below (right), and help to minimize the amount of heat loss in the pipeline while allowing axial movement of the support due to thermal growth. The pipe supports shown above include heavy duty track roller bearings that are coated with high temperature grease. The design shown below incorporates slides fabricated from UHMW polyurethane. These custom designed features facilitate the installation of the process pipe in the culvert by allowing the pipeline to be smoothly and easily pulled through the culvert. The culvert can be up to 1/8th of a mile long in some cases.

Custom Designed Pyrogel Pipe Supports     3D image of pipe support in culvert