June 2017

Expanding Pipeline Stress Analysis & Engineering Services

Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that we have recently expanded our engineering and design capabilities to include a wealth of value added services for your next project for a variety of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, fertilizer, chemical, power plant and more.

Pipe Support Engineering & Design Services

In addition to pipe support 3D modeling and finite element analysis, we can now supply engineering assistance on your entire project, from start to finish. Do you need an analysis of high temperature pipelines in new or existing plants? Do you require detailed information on lines connected to steam boilers, thermic fluid boilers, turbines or pumps? Rilco offers a highly experienced and talented engineering team for your entire piping systems, including the pipes, hangers and supports.

Engineering & Design Services

  • Static Stress Analysis
    • Linear static stress analysis and non-linear stress analysis
    • Low temperature brittle fracture assessment
    • Critical line selection
    • Flange check analysis
    • Analysis of jacketed piping
  • Dynamic Stress Analysis
    • Earthquake/Seismic Analysis
    • Natural frequency analysis
    • Slug flow and water hammer analysis
    • Fatigue analysis

If you have any problems that have surfaced in the pipelines of your current projects, we can also provide assistance with troubleshooting of the pipe supports and deformation of the pipes. Additionally, we can create and review P&IDs, perform CFD and surge analysis, prepare detailed feasibility reports, implement process safety audits, and much more. Do you have any engineering needs on your current or upcoming project?