May 2017

Self-Aligning Carbon Steel Sway Struts

Rilco Manufacturing recently fabricated carbon steel sway struts for a local propane dehydrogenation unit. The sway struts are Rilco Size 8, designed for a 120,000 lb. load. They will attach to existing structural steel and a double lug bracket that is welded to a large 112" floating ring. The floating rings are supporting large axial loads and simultaneously restraining surge loading on a high temperature pipeline.

Carbon Steel Sway Struts

The sway struts are designed to work in conjunction with the floating rings to limit the axial movement on the pipeline. Pictured below are the floating rings installed on the 112" pipeline within the propane plant. The double lug brackets are shown which will be the attachment point for the above sway struts when installed.

Floating ring fabricated pipe support in service

Sway struts are typically used to restrain movement of piping while allowing for movement in the other two directions. They are effective under either tensile or compressive force. The self-aligning bushings permit a plus or minus 5-degree misalignment or angular motion. The maintenance-free bushings are coated with dry lubricant to facilitate articulation. The complete assemblies are galvanized, to prevent corrosion in the field, prior to shipping to the customer.