April 2017

Cam Roller Constants for Crude Oil Storage Terminal

Rilco Manufacturing recently manufactured several large E-Type RCR constant spring support assemblies for an above ground crude oil storage terminal. They will be utilized in a pipeline terminal with more than 18 storage tanks. See the constants pictured below with a selection of our stock variable spring cans shown behind them. The constants will be installed in the field with a threaded rod and stainless steel clamp attached to the pipeline.

The two interconnected opposing springs located within the RCR housing acting in conjunction with the main spring enable achievement of absolute load setting reliability. RCR constants transfer the load directly through the center of the body, eliminating the moment imposed on the supporting members.

E-Type RCR Constants
These constants were manufactured with stainless steel pins, galvanized cases, custom powder coated components, special coating to reduce friction and wear in the field, and underwent precise adjustments to the load requirements for optimum operation in the oil storage terminal. They are designed for an operating load of 18,480 lbs and 5" of downward travel.

E-Type Constants for a Crude Oil Terminal
Prior to shipment, all of the constants were tested for operational ability and proper setting in accordance with the customer specifications and Rilco's quality control standards.