February 2017

F-Type Variables for a Hydrogen Plant in Turkey

We recently manufactured several F-Type variable spring pipe supports for a hydrogen plant in Turkey. These variables included PTFE, 25% glass filled slide plates in the design, in order to allow for movement of the pipe on the load flange. This particular custom designed spring required machining of the load flange to ensure that the PTFE, 25% glass filled slide plates remain mechanically captured during operation.

Variable Springs with PTFE Slide Plates

The variable springs pictured are designed for various operating loads ranging from 2,338 lbs to 5,390 lbs. They will be utilized to support pipes with hydrogen and high quality export steam. This particular design, the F-type, is designed to support the piping from below. They are generally used to support pipe from the floor or where support from overhead is not practical.

Some of the standard design features for Rilco variable springs include:
• Load indicators are visible in the travel slots and the loading is easy to read
• All springs are protected from weather conditions & damage by the spring casing
• Closure plate operates as a centering unit & a guide sustaining spring alignment.
• Every size has reserve travel (over travel) at both higher and lower boundaries of the operating range of the spring
• Springs are calibrated for accurate loading
• Spring and casing are fabricated from steel making them compact and rugged
• Cold set at the factory to exacting customer requirements
• The spring coil is epoxy powder-coated to provide protection to the coil, while the unit is hot dipped galvanized per ASTM A153 protecting the unit from corrosive and climatic conditions

Variable Springs for a Plant in Turkey

Should some detail of construction or piping arrangement make it necessary to deviate from our standard variable spring designs, we, through our superior design team and our state of the art manufacturing facilities, are equipped to furnish hangers and supports to meet your most stringent requirements. We are continually monitoring our projects and collaborating with engineers and architects in the preparation of specifications for variable spring requirements and the interpretation of applicable piping codes.

In addition to the F-type variable springs mentioned above, we also supplied several sway struts, pipe clamps, spring hangers and Rilco Cam Roller constants for this particular job in Turkey. Do you have any applications that could benefit from the use of variable spring supports on your upcoming projects? Please let me know how I can serve your needs.