October 2016

Supreme Shipbuilding Support

Looking for an ideal pre-insulated cold pipe support for utilization in your LNG plants or shipbuilding projects? Rilco Manufacturing provides a reduced cost pre-insulated pipe support, fabricated from Cryogel® Z insulation material, that can be easily transported without any damage to the components or installed location. It provides an extremely cost-effective solution for the insulation process on a pipeline and facilitates the coordination of the construction schedule.

The Rilco CryoWrap™ pipe support proves to be a supreme support choice for ships particularly because the insulation is hydrophobic which prevents any moisture droplets from penetrating the insulation. The vapor stops that are incorporated into the support design at each end also restrict moisture intrusion. See a custom CryoWrap support below with slide plates incorporated into the design for easy movement of components that are in contact with the pipe support on the line.

Cryowrap Pipe Supports Ready to be Shipped

CryoWrap™ pipe supports also offer unparalleled resistance to flame spread with minimal smoke emission and no toxic effects. Each product protects both piping and equipment longer thereby extending the reaction time needed to respond to serious events. The lighter weight and smaller circumference requirements of Cryogel® Z insulation means reduced overall loading of pipe and equipment support systems. The superior resistance to mechanical abuse attests to the product’s durability, the smaller circumference eases installation and reduces labor costs.

CryoWrap™ pipe shoes are capable of resisting high impact loads from compression forces of hundreds of psi without sustaining damage or compromising performance. Unlike pipe supports utilizing rigid insulation which is friable and prone to cracking under loading, pipe supports using CryoWrap™ will not allow thermal leaks or moisture intrusion.

Custom Cryowrap Pipe Shoes

CryoWrap™ pre-insulated pipe supports are also an ideal solution for ships since they are environmentally friendly. They are capable of adherence to the most exacting environmental regulations. Because the insulating aerogels are basically silica (sand) and contain no respirable fibers, CFC, HCFC and do not require blowing agents, they pose no chemical threat to the environment.

Rilco Manufacturing has a new manufacturing facility, on Tanner Road in Houston, with plenty of capacity to fabricate these particular supports. With over 400,000 square feet of production space and a staff of experienced professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in pipe support design, we are fully capable of handling your upcoming needs.

Do you have an immediate requirement for cryogenic pipe shoes due to a quick new construction, repair or plant shut-down for maintenance? We can offer you quick-turn high quality CryoWrap™ pipe shoes as the ultimate solution for your cryogenic applications. Please let us know how we can help you today.