August 2016

Custom Big Ton Springs with Hydraulics

Rilco Manufacturing designed and fabricated custom big ton springs for a refinery in California. These springs were fabricated from carbon steel and included four powder coated spring coils and four hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders connected to a common hydraulic manifold by tubing and fittings. See close-up of the internal components below.

Big Ton Spring with Hydraulic Cylinders

The big ton springs were designed for a cold load of 45,900 lb., a hot load of 43,000 lb., and a retracted load of 61,900 lb. Additionally, they were designed with a spring rate of 16,000 lb./in. and an upward travel of 0.2 inches. The big ton springs measure 20" high x 18" wide x 52" long.

Close up of Hydraulic Big Ton Springs

They were fabricated to support large pressure vessels in the refinery. When the hydraulic cylinders are activated, the spring coils self-retract down to facilitate the movement of the vessel for maintenance.

Completed Big Ton Spring Supports

The completed big ton springs, shown above, underwent load testing prior to shipping to ensure quality control.

Do you have a need for big ton springs or any other pipe supports on your upcoming project?