July 2016

Rilco Fabricates a Sweeping Selection of Supports

Rilco Manufacturing offers a wide variety of fabrication from a vast assortment of materials. From structural supports to un-insulated pipe clamps to pipe stands and pipe cradles, we can provide you with fabricated steel for all of your pipe support needs. Rilco complies with most all industry standards including ASTM, ASME, AWS and more.

Carbon steel pipe cradles below, being prepared for inspection and shipment.

Carbon Steel Pipe Cradles being prepared for shipment

Rilco performs an assortment of heat treat processes to our metals throughout the fabrication process. Stress relief (post-weld, post-form), hardening and annealing processes are utilized accordingly to meet industry standards and ensure the highest level of product quality. Proper forming practices, annealing and post-form stress relief help ensure the cold work stresses and hydrogen embrittlement do not compromise the integrity of the pipe supports.

Assorted Fabricated Steel Pipe Supports

Rilco offers a variety of testing including dye-pen inspection, radiograph, ultrasonic, PMI, mag particle inspection, and hardness testing to ensure quality prior to shipping your pipe supports.

Pipe Clamps

Do you have a need for fabricated steel supports on your upcoming project?