May 2016

11,000 lb. Quad Unit RCR Constant

Rilco Manufacturing just finished shipping our largest ever quad unit Rilco Cam Roller Constant (RCR)designed for a 55,000 lb. load and 21" of upward travel. It is designed for a high load, long travel application in a local propane dehydrogenation plant. This B-type constant consists of a combination of 4 single unit RCR constants to accommodate the heavy load. The overall weight of the RCR constant is 11,000 lbs.

Rilco Cam Roller Constants Type B is defined by a single lug top mount which is bolted to the RCR assembly. This type of arrangement is typically used in situations which require the constant assembly to be close mounted to supporting structure, or in retro-fit applications. The top single lug typically works in conjunction with a clevis or a welded beam attachment. The lower attachment point consists of a swivel coupling with right hand threads for the hanger rod connection for single unit assemblies. The lower connection of these particular units is a custom double lug C-type to accommodate the single lug connection to the pipe when installed in the field.

Quad Unit Cam Roller Constant Assemblies

Multiple unit assemblies, like the quad unit we've discussed, typically use a single common lug for both the top and bottom connections. They can use the same connection arrangement on the top as the single unit assemblies, but require a clevis or a double lug arrangement for the lower connection. The quad unit RCR constants are capable of up to 30" of travel or up to a 120,000 lb. load.

Quad Unit RCR Constant

Prior to shipping this unit, the cam roller constant underwent load testing for quality assurance as shown below in our custom designed testing machine alongside a single unit RCR constant.

Testing Rilco Cam Roller Constants

Do you have any upcoming jobs that may require Rilco Cam Roller constants?