January 2016

Custom Sway Braces for a Refinery in Washington

From all of us at Rilco Manufacturing, we would like to wish you a very prosperous and happy New Year. I am looking forward to partnering with you in 2016 to provide you with superior quality pipe supports and excellent service. Please let me know how I can serve your 2016 project needs.

Rilco Manufacturing recently fabricated the below custom designed sway braces for a refinery in Washington state in the U.S. The sway braces measure 46 1/8" long with an O.D. of 8". They are designed to support loads ranging from 450 lbs to 2700 lbs. The spring rate for these sway braces is 450 lbs/inch and they are designed for a travel of 5". They were custom designed with a larger can to accommodate a larger spring coil for the 5" of travel.

Custom Sway Braces for a Refinery in Washington

Sway braces are used for a variety of applications including controlling vibration, absorbing shock, leading, guiding or restraining the movement of pipe resulting from thermal expansion and bracing a pipe line against sway.

Sway Brace Features:

  • Vibration is opposed with an instantaneous counter force bringing the pipe back to normal position
  • A single pre-loaded spring provides two-way action
  • One spring valve saves space and simplifies design
  • Spring has 3” travel in either direction
  • Accurate neutral adjustment assured
  • Fulfills the requirements of the ASME code for pressure piping as to fabrication details and materials
  • Complies with Manufacturers Standardization Society SP-69 (Type 50)

Do you have any upcoming projects that may require sway braces?