November 2015

The Scoop on Shock Control Devices

Rilco Manufacturing provided several hydraulic snubbers with external pressurized reservoirs for a plant in Louisiana. They measure 42" bracket to bracket, with a cylinder size of 5" and a stroke of 5". The maximum load that these snubbers can withstand is 45,400 lbs. Prior to being shipped, these hydraulic snubbers underwent various quality tests including lock-up velocity testing and bleed rate testing.

Hydraulic Snubbers

Snubbers are designed to protect pipeline components from surplus shock caused by various disturbances or forces, such as an earthquake. During normal conditions the snubber will allow for movement in tension and compression, but when a disturbance occurs the snubber will act as a restraint device and absorb the energy or shock.

Rilco also provides snubbers with internal pressurized reservoirs such as the ones shown below. These hydraulic snubber assemblies include a double bolt carbon steel pipe clamp.

Hydraulic Snubbers with Double Bolt Pipe Clamps

Do you have any upcoming projects that require hydraulic snubbers for shock control?