August 2015

Inside Look at Rilco R&D

Rilco Manufacturing recently tested one of our 42" cryogenic pre-insulated pipe supports in our Research & Development lab. The purpose of the test was to evaluate the physical performance of a resting pipe support under its design load.

The equipment used for this test included a structural test frame, a 50 ton Enerpac single acting hydraulic cylinder and hand pump (to apply the vertical load), a 100k compression load cell (to record the load), and linear displacement transducers to measure the vertical consolidation during loading, placed on each side of the support to confirm uniform deflection. 

The insulation component consisted of Cryogel reinforced with a rigidizing agent. The rigidized agent's purpose was to provide the structural support from the pipe to the steel cradle while also protecting the thermal resistance from the design temperatures.

The design load was applied manually to the support using the hand pump at a rate of approximately 200 kN/min. Once the load was reached, it was maintained for 5 mins. The test unit passed upon the acceptance criteria, ensuring the structural integrity of the support. (See image below of the test in progress.).

Rilco performs rigorous in-house testing of all newly engineered products. Typically for the testing of insulation materials, such as Polyurethane and Permali, we utilize our Baldwin BTE 400 that has a load cell of 400,000 lbs. testing capability in both the tension and compression aspects. The BTE 400 is also controlled by the latest Instron fully digitized servo controller that is capable of performing and collecting data on every possible test configuration.

Some of the research experiments we conduct at our facility include:

  • Physical Load Testing

  • Low Temperature Testing of Polyurethane and Cryogel® Z Insulated Pipe Supports

  • High Temperature Testing of Calcium Silicate and Pyrogel® XT-E Insulated Pipe Supports

  • Low Temperature Coil Spring Cyclic Testing

  • Belleville Washer Fatigue Testing (See image below.)

The engineering and R&D departments work closely together to ensure all products meet or exceed industry standards before a Rilco product is launched. 

Do you have any upcoming projects with custom or specialty products that could utilize Rilco's innovative pipe supports?