June 2015

Perks of PyroWrap™ Pipe Supports

Rilco Manufacturing is currently fabricating several PyroWrap™ pipe supports in our new Tanner Road facility in Houston. The Rilco PyroWrap™ pipe supports outperform all other pre-insulated hot service supports providing numerous commercial and technical benefits for your project needs.

                    PyroWrap Pipe Supports

The PyroWrap™ supports are manufactured with the same diameters as the Pyrogel XTE™ insulation diameters allowing for seamless transitions from the supports to the line insulation, as well as, allowing for the piping to be nested closer together in the design of the system.

The Aspen Aerogels Pyrogel XTE™ insulation material is hydrophobic meaning it will prevent any moisture from penetrating the insulation itself; however, the water vapor is still able to escape through the insulation. This feature improves the insulation efficiency and essentially eliminates the potential for CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) at the pipe support.

The PyroWrap™ system design permits for the “modularization” of the pipe which then gives the option for the support systems and insulation to be pre-installed off-site, or on-site at a safe location. If pre-installed, the complete system can be transported without damage to any components. This method has been proven to be an extremely cost-effective method for construction.

The graphic below illustrates the difference in diameters between Pyrogel XTE™, Calcium Silicate, Mineral Wool and Expanded Perlite, while all four designs provide the same level of thermal protection.

                                    Pyrogel Info Graphic

This week Rilco is at the International District Energy Association (IDEA) annual conference and trade show in Boston, Massachusetts. If you are in the area, come check us out at Booth 7A!

                           IDEA conference and trade show

Do you have any upcoming projects that could benefit from the use of PyroWrap pipe supports?