May 2015

Floating Rings for a Propane Plant

Rilco Manufacturing Company, Inc. is currently fabricating over 50 floating rings for a local propane dehydrogenation plant. The floating rings range in diameter from 48" to 112". They will be utilized to support large axial loads and simultaneously restrain surge loading on a high temperature pipeline. They are fabricated from 316H stainless steel plates that range in thickness from 1/2" to 2". This particular material was chosen to withstand the heat of the pipes (up to 1500 deg F) passing through the center of the rings. 

floating ring

The floating rings will be installed in the field both horizontally and vertically. The horizontal rings include four arms which will have struts attached to them via the double lug brackets at the end of each arm. The vertical rings include two arms which will have Rilco cam roller constants attached to lugs on each end of the arms.

floating rings for a propane plant

All of the welds performed on these floating rings are full penetration welds. Prior to shipping, NDE testing has been performed on the supports including PMI, dye-penetrant testing and ultrasonic testing.

Do you have any upcoming projects that require custom fabricated pipe supports?