January 2015

2015: A Year of Expansion

Rilco Manufacturing Opens New Headquarters

Last year we announced that we would be expanding our facilities.  It has been quite a journey planning and constructing the new headquarters, but it is now 2015 and the building is up and (almost) fully functional.  Our entire staff is excited and anxious to move  just a mile and a half down the road to the newest Rilco location on Tanner Road.

With this new additional manufacturing and office space we hope to more than double our current productivity which will prime us to make deliveries and meet our clients' expectations better than ever for the coming year!

As a way to honor those that have contributed to the success and growth of our company, late last year we held a handprint ceremony after the concrete was poured and welcomed any of our employees and their young ones to come leave a personalized mark in front of the building.  Everyone enjoyed getting their hands a little bit dirty and making an imprint that will be sure to last a lifetime. 

handprint ceremony at Rilco' s new headquarters