May 2014

Belleville Washer Test

Rilco performs thorough in-house testing of all newly engineered products as well as product components in order to ensure their safety and reliability. Our R&D team is the first to perform physical testing on Belleville washers - a crucial component in the Rilco CryoWrap™ and PyroWrap™ Pipe Support Systems.

Belleville Washer Test: Purpose & Procedures

The purpose of conducting the test was to evaluate the physical performance of Belleville washers after being cycled 10,000 times.

The general procedures for the test are as follows:

1. Load washer stack to the flat load 3 times; record load and deflection measurements using our washer design verification equipment

2. Cycle the same stack for 10,000 cycles to the designated cycle stack movement heights using the washer cyclic test equipment

3. Repeat step (1) with the same washer stack to verify load and deflection

Why the Belleville Washer Testing is Necessary:

Washers must maintain a high level of repeatability with respect to both washer deflection and pre-load in order for the Rilco CryoWrap™ and PyroWrap™ pipe supports to function properly throughout the lifespan of a facility.

Test Setup:
belleville washer test setup

Belleville Washer Stack at the Bottom of the Cycle Stroke:
belleville washer stack at the bottom of the cycle stroke

Belleville Washer Stack at the Top of the Cycle Stroke:

belleville washer stack at the top of the cycle stroke

Deflection and Load Test Conclusions:

The testing showed a slight degradation in the pre-load forces, however the standard clamping force calculation, as performed by Rilco, for each support configuration allows a degradation many times the excess of what the testing yielded before the performance of the support would be negatively impacted.

Overall, the test was successful in showing that the Belleville washers used for Rilco pipe supports will maintain the required clamping force, so that the mechanical performance of the support itself will be properly reinforced.

The full test report compiled by Russell Mertens, one of our experienced engineering professionals, is available upon request.