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February 2014

Rilco Article Image

CryoWrap™ Pipe Supports: A Disruptive Innovation

The Rilco Manufacturing Company Research and Development team performed a final load and temperature test of the latest innovation in cryogenic pipe supports. With an audience of various clients ranging from EPC’s to Oil & Gas companies the in-house testing of the Rilco CryoWrap™ pipe support proved this new product to be the latest and greatest in cryogenics.

The Cryogenic test involved a 36” pipe and utilized 120mm of Cryogel™ Insulation and Rilco’s proprietary “rigidizing” agents chilled to a pipe temperature of -165 ˚C. This test demonstrated the ability of the Rilco CryoWrap™ to perform both structurally and thermally by measuring the heat gain through insulation, deflection of the insulation at design load, and the axial force/clamping force withstood by the support system.

CryoWrap™ pipe supports have the potential to shift the entire cryogenic support market. It permits for seamless transitions from the supports to the line insulation, the system is hydrophobic – eliminating the potential for CUI, can be pre-installed creating labor cost savings, and the effectiveness of the insulation creates exponential long-term energy cost savings.

To request a cryogenic test report from Rilco Manufacturing Co. contact and to learn more about Rilco's various product portfolio visit our Products page.